Bristol University Music Society
Being a Music student at the University of Bristol, partaking in the activities of the Bristol University Music Society (affectionately BUMS) has been a natural and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Singing as a Bass in BUMS' Chamber Choir, I embarked on two tours to Budapest (2018) and Ljubliana (2019) performing in some incredible venues including the incredible Basilica of Esztergom, which has a 20 second reverb decay! Given that my voice has been my principle instrument at University, it's refreshing that BUMS has afforded me the opportunity to flex my percussion muscles. Playing, at one time or another, for Wind Orchestra, Symphonic Winds, Brass Band and Chamber Orchestra in Christmas concerts and throughout the Department's charity music festival Summerfest, I've been able to build many great relationships, which I will retain for life, all while playing some excellent music along the way.
Pictured here are the 2019/20 Percussionists. I even formed them into a temporary percussion ensemble while none of us were needed for any concerts!
Thanks BUMS

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