COVID Tech Clinic
When the UK Government announced in March 2020 that the country would be entering a lockdown, markets crashed, budgets got pulled and everything went online. In the haze, one place I work at, the University of Bristol Student Laptop and Mobile Repair Clinic, got temporarily closed, and we didn't know if we would be able to open online. Yet this closure happened at a crucial time when people were needed to access online content to help them complete their degrees - all students were, at that time, told that they had to keep working as if nothing was happening. I realised that people would need tech help now more than ever, so I contacted some technician friends and together we set up a temporary pro bono clinic to help people remotely with their tech issues. This was fitting round our own schedules and we didn't quite have the customers initially anticipated but several people were helped and had their problems solved when there was no other place to turn to. Eventually work re-engaged online and we stopped operations of the Tech Clinic. The experience and offering of this quick solution was a great experience though!

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