For my major project unit in my third year of my Innovation degree, I worked along side a team of people with backgrounds in film, geography and anthropology to attempt to tackle the climate crisis within rural-commuter villages in the UK.
Our work explored value proposition design and business model design. In particular our work was guided by Strategyzer's Value Proposition Canvas and techniques involved future-drawing, napkin prototyping, unique link tracking and landing page surveys. The design research skills used and explored within this project provided evidence for us to generate a business model that we could confidently develop into a business plan that would be projected to grow and scale appropriately.
​​​​​​​For our Mid-term design report, click the link below.
The COVID-19 pandemic caused changes in required deliverables so that we were no longer required to produce a final design report. We did, however, produce our business plan, which we are unfortunately unable to disclose.