Dave Jones
Hi, I'm Dave Jones. 
I'm an aspiring consultant, who graduated MArts Music with Innovation, with First Class Honours from the University of Bristol. The innovation part of my degree was unconventional, featuring team-based business and design projects across all four years. The experiences it provided me of collaborative complex problem solving nurtured a desire to pursue a career in consulting. 
This website is a portfolio of projects I have completed and an insight into my experiences at university. The blog contains periodical long form thoughts on Innovation, the world at large and our place in it.
In addition to my innovation and IT work, I have also been a musician, stage performer and director. I have been a drummer in bands and shows and a percussionist in orchestras and smaller ensembles. At University, I studied voice under Angela Hickey as a Bass and have sung with numerous choirs as well as on stage and in the recital platform as a soloist. 
For more information about anything please don't hesitate to contact me at dave@davehenryjones.com, on Twitter @davehenryjones or on LinkedIn
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