PAVE or Patient Access Visualisation Engine is a project I am currently working on with a small team from the University of Bristol. The aim of the project is to use data about patient appointments across the NHS and visualise where patients are being referred from and to, so that the NHS BNSSG CCG can analyse where bottle necking occurs and alter provision accordingly. 
The project is still in development, and code will be released under a Copy Left license. We are, however, looking to offer this system to the CCG and consult on the code and the idea.
PAVE was also awarded Joint First Place at the Bristol Well Being Data Jam 2020.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team converted PAVE into a capacity planning tool to assist hospitals overwhelmed with patients in creating more capacity,  where needed. The tool is intended to be client side to protect patient data in accordance with GDPR and make it useful to Clinical Commissioning Groups  who have local data rather than relying on a non-existent national data structure. At present, PAVE COVID-19 does not have inbuilt functionality to predict where capacity may be needed in the future, however it does possess the capability of reviewing history, so planners can understand the trajectory of incoming patients.