Student Voice
I always strive to make things better in all I do and being elected as an Innovation Course Rep in my first term at Bristol gave me the platform to push to make every student experience better. In my time as a course rep I got many things done: I made lecturers more visible, feedback and marking more transparent and MOST importantly, got coat hangers for the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (this is kind of a badge of honour). 
Realising my effectiveness and desire to make big changes, and having enjoyed attending faculty level meetings on behalf of my department, I decided, in 2020, to run for the Undergraduate Arts Faculty Representative position in the Bristol SU elections. After a weeklong campaign just prior to the coronavirus lockdown, I was successfully elected to be the voice of over 4000 students to the faculty. On my agenda for change were ensuring COVID-19 mitigation is appropriate for all students and decolonisation of the curriculum. During my time in the role I also began development of a new approach to collaborative policy making, submitting a report which was taken under consideration by the faculty. #VoteDAVE
Above are the endorsements from society presidents and key influential figures which helped me secure my election win. I am indebted to these folks for their support.
Below are further campaign images including my manifesto.

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