Bristol University Symphony Orchestra
As soon as my confirmation came through from Bristol, I started practising hard because I knew I had to play in the department led Symphony Orchestra and I knew that my drum-kit pieces wouldn't cut it. I'm very glad I did practise and get my place in the orchestra because the last three years have been a wonderful experience playing some of the greatest pieces. My favourite highlight, undoubtedly, has got to be playing the tam-tam part in Respighi's Pines of Rome at the end of my first year - this mighty persistent imminent threat of the Romans cresting the hill, building up throughout an then crashing down in a triumphant fortissimo  at the end is, while not exactly sublime, immensely exhilarating. This experience has grown my relationships with my fellow percussionists as well as developing my technical skills along the way, and Prof. John Pickard is an honour to be conducted by. 
Below is the performance from June 2019 of Elgar's In the South (I'm the crash cymbals).

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