Visiting the Oracle
In summer 2018, I interned on an interactive virtual reality film project with Professor Esther Eidinow and Professor Kirsten Cater, directed by Dr Jimmy Hay. Prof. Eidinow, a specialist in ancient history, had approached Prof. Cater, interaction design specialist, with the concept of bringing to life a visit to an oracle in Ancient Greece in virtual reality, to educate school children with an immersive experience. I came on board as an intern with both a keen interest in ancient history, virtual reality technology and, importantly, acting experience and contacts. While interning on this project I acted as a location scout for filming, as well as bringing experienced actors on board and acting in the film myself. The film, directed by Dr Jimmy Hay, was then sent through feedback rounds and the project has since recieved more funding for further expansion. Though I am no longer involved in the project, I am excited to see where it goes.
The video is best watched at a lower quality and framerate, having been filmed in 4K.​​​​​​​
More information is available at:

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